Winamp Skins

Got a lot of these skins from There's lots of other spiffy skins there besides anime ones. Yes, I have lots of skins. These and oodles of non-anime ones, hee hee. But I like them! :o)

Let's see, what do I need to say? Basically, just click on the graphic of the skin, and the download should start. I've shrunk down the pictures a little bit to help the pages load faster, and I'll put up 5 winamp skins per page. The number by the category is the number of skins I have for that category. Also, if it's a zipped skin, I found out from a friend that you don't even have to unzip the skin! Wowee! Just put the zip file in your Winamp Skins folder and it should do it's thing.

I've been doing my best to contact people about permission to post the skins, and I've put the creator's name beneath the skin, but if you see your skin here and don't want it to be, just e-mail me and I'll take it off. :o) You can click on the creator's name to e-mail them, and I also have a winamp skins section on my links page if you'd like to go to their website (if they told me where it is). I put the creator's name by the webpage description so you can find their page easily. :o)

Ayashi no Ceres (2)

Bakaretsu Hunters (1) Bubblegum Crisis (1) Card Captor Sakura (2) Cowboy Bebop (6) Final Fantasy (6) Fushigi Yuugi (4) Gundam Wing (6) Hyper Police (2) KareKano (His & Her Circumstances) (1) Marmelade Boy (1) Megaman (2) Misc (8)--Skins from anime shows or movies that I don't see many of so I didn't want to put them in a category go here as well as skins that aren't from an anime but are anime-ish. Ok, I'm babbling. It's miscellany! :o) Mobile Battleship Nadesico (1) Molly's Picks (14)--Okay, it's not anime-related, but these are some skins Molly likes. ;o) Neon Genesis Evangelion (8) Oh My Goddess (2) Pokémon (1) Ranma (4) Record of Lodoss Wars (1) Revolutionary Girl Utena (2) Rurouni Kenshin (3) Saber Marionette J (4) Sailor Moon (2) Sakura Taisen (2) Serial Experiments Lain (8) Shamanic Princess (1) Slayers (4) Tenchi Muyo (3) Toki Meki Memorial 2 (1) Vagrant Story (1) Vampire Princess Miyu (2) The Violinist of Hameln (5) Vision of Escaflowne (1) X (2)

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